INTERVIEW: Matt Batzel

Matt Batzel is Executive Director at American Majority, a group focused on training conservatives to get elected to local office and in state legislatures. Whether it’s for County Executive or District Attorney, Matt and his team, with a presence in cities across the country, work hard to build a grassroots bench. Today we talk about keeping that bench filled and how conservatives can tell great stories to sell the principles behind their reforms.

INTERVIEW: Rick Esenberg

Rick Esenberg is president and general counsel at Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty. Today we discuss some of their projects, the war of ideas, and how Wisconsin kids always end up coming back home.

Rick Esenberg is president and general counsel at Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty. Today we discuss some of their projects, the war of ideas, and how Wisconsin kids always end up coming back home.

INTERVIEW: Heather Townsend

Heather Townsend has been active in local politics in southeastern Wisconsin for only a few years, but in a short time she has made a lasting impact. Local legislators count on her to organize volunteers to drop lit and knock on doors. She’s a regular at county part events and Pints & Politics. And she reliably does the work to help ensure conservative and Republican victories.

It was Scott Walker’s recall that motivated her to get involved, and today we talk about how she reached her tipping point, what keeps her motivated to be a grassroots leader, and even some of the obstacles she’s faced within the party.

INTERVIEW: Jake Curtis

Jacob Curtis is an associate counsel at Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, and he’s been active in Wisconsin politics for over a decade. As a volunteer, Capitol staffer, and attorney, his involvement brings a unique perspective to the trajectory of conservatism in this state.

Full disclosure, Jake and I have worked together on campaigns a couple times now, and Senator Duey Stroebel, whose office he worked in and discusses here, is a client of mine at OpenBox Strategies.

Today, we talk about Jake’s own journey through conservative politics, some of the biggest wins for Republicans last sessions, what it means to be grassroots or establishment, and what’s on the line in this year’s elections to win the ideological battle.

A Note About The New

This isn’t how this was supposed to launch.

Early this year I acquired this website, courtesy of decades-long grassroots activist Bob Dohnal. There was to be a fantastic re-launch that was carefully plotted, shepherding the resources of my company to do so, that included scripted videos, organized podcasts, and writing from a carefully curated stable of writers and contributors. But as the company grew and expanded, there just wan’t the time.

Now that Trump is the nominee, not having time isn’t a luxury I’m able to indulge. If Wisconsin is to keep Ron Johnson in the Senate and, perhaps more importantly, protect majorities in the legislature, the grassroots ground game needs to start organizing now to mobilize an unmatched Get Out The Vote Operation come November 8.

This space will be used to do just that. The ascendancy and nomination of Donald Trump demonstrates that the rest of the country doesn’t have much patience for or interest in conservative thought. But that wasn’t the case here in Wisconsin, when voters impelled Ted Cruz to a victory that kept him in the race, keeping up the fight.

And with that, we now move beyond discussion of the presidency. It’s not irrelevant, but if you want analysis for it, go to any number of other outlets.


We will use this space to talk about our grassroots activists, promote our candidates and events, tell their stories, and show the Democrat Party of Wisconsin we mean business. We’re going to show them we will preserve and defend our conservative values and principles implemented under conservative leadership the last five years.

Nor is this a news site. We don’t have the staff to compete with the journalism done at Media Trackers, Right Wisconsin, or Wisconsin Daily Independent, and MacIver Institute, and I don’t want to.

We’ll see what comes of this platform. If you have ideas, send them to me. I’ll do my best to keep this moving and shaking with new content and maybe call in some favors to see what we can turn this into over the next weeks and months.

This will have been a successful experiment if turnout in November for Republicans exceeds national averages because we took the step to show the self-ostracized there are still great options down-ticket.