INTERVIEW: Matt Batzel

Matt Batzel is Executive Director at American Majority, a group focused on training conservatives to get elected to local office and in state legislatures. Whether it’s for County Executive or District Attorney, Matt and his team, with a presence in cities across the country, work hard to build a grassroots bench. Today we talk about keeping that bench filled and how conservatives can tell great stories to sell the principles behind their reforms.

INTERVIEW: Jake Curtis

Jacob Curtis is an associate counsel at Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, and he’s been active in Wisconsin politics for over a decade. As a volunteer, Capitol staffer, and attorney, his involvement brings a unique perspective to the trajectory of conservatism in this state.

Full disclosure, Jake and I have worked together on campaigns a couple times now, and Senator Duey Stroebel, whose office he worked in and discusses here, is a client of mine at OpenBox Strategies.

Today, we talk about Jake’s own journey through conservative politics, some of the biggest wins for Republicans last sessions, what it means to be grassroots or establishment, and what’s on the line in this year’s elections to win the ideological battle.